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9. Bugs

9.1 Where do I send bug reports?

Bugs related to MIT PGP should be sent to You will want to check the MIT PGP FAQ with the complete bug list for MIT PGP before reporting a bug to make sure that the bug hasn't been reported already. If it is a serious bug, you should also post it to or .tech. Serious bugs are bugs that affect the security of the program, not compile errors or small logic errors.

Post all of your bug reports concerning non-MIT versions of PGP to, and forward a copy to me for possible inclusion in future releases of the FAQ. Please be aware that the authors of PGP might not acknowledge bug reports sent directly to them. Posting them on USENET will give them the widest possible distribution in the shortest amount of time.

9.2 What bugs have been found in PGP?

The following list of bugs is limited to version 2.4 and later, and is limited to the most commonly seen and serious bugs. For bugs in earlier versions, refer to the documentation included with the program. If you find a bug not on this list, follow the procedure above for reporting it.

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