PGP shells for IBM-PC compatibles running Microsoft Windows NT.

Please note that you will need one of the PGP distribution kits from the pc/dos directory in addition to a graphical front-end.

Many of the kits designed for Windows 3.x and Windows 95 will work just fine under Windows NT on Intel machines.

  • wfp32410.zip WinFront for PGP v4.10 (Shareware)

    For complete information see http://ugali.com/wfp/index.html. A brief description is given in wfp32410.txt

  • qfp32200.zip QuickFront for PGP v2.0 (Shareware)
    For complete information see http://ugali.com/qfp/index.html. A brief description is given in qfp32200.txt

  • pgp263idllb.zip (binary) pgp263idlls.zip (source) and pgp263idllu.zip (update) are the three kits for Jens von Pilgrim's DLL implementation of PGP v2.6.3i and his front-end to the Pegasus mailer .

    The source if needed if you want to build your own pgp-dll or you want to use the dll within your own programs. It contains full PGP sources.
    The binary if needed if you only want to use the pgp-dll and not build it yourself. It contains the binary of 2.6.3i,
    The update contains only the pgp-dll and you must already have PGP 2.6.3i already installed

    Full details are available at http://www.gwdg.de/~jpilgri/jvppgp.

    Comments, etc to ftpmaster@mail.pgp.net. Back to parent